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Throughout Southern California

From complete structural demolition and industrial site clearing to extensive interior demolition and site renovations, Aycon Demo is Southern California’s premier Demolition Contractor. We self perform all of our demolition services and own all of our equipment which allows us to be competitive with maintaining the highest safety standards. We recycle 100% of our concrete demolition!

Our Demolition Services

Specialized Demolition Services

Building Demolition

In the event of fire or storm damage, Aycon Inc. is here to help you retrieve items that may be inaccessible due in part from their location within your home being destroyed by these disasters!

Structural Demolition san Diego ca

Structural Demolition

Building implosion is a process of controlled demolition in which other structures like bridges, smokestacks and towers can be destroyed.

Industrial Demolition

Aycon Inc. is a company that provides you with all the technology and expertise your project needs while maintaining safety, quality and standards.

Commercial Demolition san Diego ca

Commercial Demolition

Aycon is your one-stop shop for all things related to commercial property damage. We offer complete service programs that include demolition services where applicable, so don't hesitate - give us a call today!

Residential Demolition san Diego ca

Residential Demolition

The Aycon team is an expert in the field of green building. They can help you achieve your LEED points and be more environmentally friendly!

Trenching & Excavation san Diego ca

Trenching & Excavation

Aycon is the only company you need to know about if your building needs an intervention. They are licensed and insured in California, meaning they can handle any situation.

Selective Demolition

We specialize in the removal of asbestos, boilers and other equipment. We also offer renovations for retail stores to make them more modern or we can convert condos into stunning multi-story buildings with our help!

Concrete Demolition

If you are looking for a company to remove and demolish all of your concrete, then look no further. We have the heavy machinery needed as well as dedicated staff with years experience in this field so don't hesitate!

Interior Demolition san Diego ca

Interior Demolition

We can help you get rid of your above or underground tank. We will have it pumped and machine excavated before transporting the debris to an approved site for proper scrapping at no cost!